As we work to develop the strategy, we have been working with five reference groups and a range of road safety experts across the country. The inputs from the Local Government Road Safety Summit, hosted by the Minister in April 2018, will also inform the strategy drafting.

Local Government Road Safety Summit

Minister Genter hosted a local government road safety summit in Wellington on 9 April, 2018. You can read more about the summit in the documents below.

Reference Groups

A key early component of the strategy development has been working with five reference groups made up of over 100 representatives from across the sector to provide a range of knowledge, experiences and perspectives to contribute the development of the strategy discussion document.

The groups met four times each and considered Speed, Vehicles, Vehicles as a Workplace, Road User Behaviour, and Infrastructure.

The purpose of the reference groups was to contribute to an investigation of the current road safety problem; review the research, evidence and best practice approaches being used in New Zealand and overseas; and identify / assess potential opportunities to address these challenges and support a safe road system.

Below is some further information about the reference groups and some of the information packs provided to group members to support their conversations.