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On 31 March 2007, additional security measures were introduced on all international flights leaving New Zealand. These measures apply to the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels taken on board aircraft in carry-on baggage. The measures mean that passengers are subject to additional security checks at New Zealand's international airports.

Please refer to the Flysmart website(external link) for information on these security measures and advice on how best to prepare for international air travel.

Alternatively, you can email the Aviation Security Service or phone their reception (04) 495 2430.

Update: January 2010

Additional passenger and carry-on baggage screening requirements are now in place for airlines flying to or via the United States. If you are flying to or via the US, extra screening will take place at the departure gate. Please contact your airline if you require further information about these requirements. It would also be advisable to get to the airport early to reduce any possible delays.

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