This page contains information on the 2008/2009 independent review of the road user charges system.

About the Review

The Road User Charges Review Group was established in August 2008 to conduct an independent review of the New Zealand road user charges system.

The review:

  • examined the way in which the Ministry of Transport’s cost allocation model distributes road costs; and 
  • considered the merits of collecting revenue from diesel vehicles by way of road user charges, compared to potential alternative methods.

The Review Group presented a report to the Minister of Transport in March 2009.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce released the report in May 2009 and announced the government's response to the recommendations in August 2009.

Read the Minister's media release on the beehive website here(external link).

Read the Review Group terms of reference here (PDF v7.0 64kb).

Read the Review Group's report here (PDF v7.0, 1.71mb).

Read the consultant's reports commissioned by the Review Group below: