The road network is central to New Zealand's transport system.

Below are overviews of the most viewed land transport topics. You can also follow the links on the left of this page to find out more about the projects the Ministry is working on.

Looking for driver licensing or car licensing? Head to the NZ Transport Agency website - Your driver licence(external link) | Vehicle registration & licensing(external link)

Road user charges

Road User Charges (RUC) are paid on all diesel vehicles and on all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

All the revenue from RUC goes into the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). The fund is used mainly for road construction and maintenance, along with other activities benefiting road users.

Number of road deaths

The Ministry is responsible for officially recording information on the number of road deaths. On the road deaths page you will find information on the daily and quarterly , as well as data on the 6-monthly and annual number of road deaths statistics. There is also historical road deaths data dating back to 1921, as well as information on holiday weekends.

Motor Vehicle Register

The Motor Vehicle Register holds details about New Zealand's vehicles and the people who are the registered owners of them.

For details about requesting information from the register, see the Requesting motor vehicle register information(external link) page on the NZ Transport Agency website.

Key government land transport organisations

  • Ministry of Transport
    The Ministry is the government's principal transport adviser. We provide policy advice and support to Ministers. See About the Ministry of Transport for more information.
  • NZ Transport Agency
    The NZ Transport Agency is the Crown entity responsible for planning land transport networks, investing in land transport, and managing the State highway network.
    Read more on the NZ Transport Agency(external link) website.

About land transport in New Zealand

Land transport in New Zealand is crucial to the performance of our economy, communities and our way of life. The road network on average carries 70 percent of New Zealand's freight movements and 84 percent of personal daily journeys.

Increasing road transport's contribution to economic activity through investment, particularly in the Roads of National Significance, remains vital for the government to achieve its goals of growing the economy and increasing the safety of the road system.

Improving road safety is also a priority for the government. The Safer Journeys road safety strategy 2010–2020 and action plan(external link) set out the direction and action actions we will take to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads.