The Ministry of Transport has published a high level outline of the publications anticipated to be released during 2016/17, and project engagement/consultation timeframes. This information should be considered indicative only, and will be updated quarterly.

Download the current Indicative Engagement and Publications Timeline [PDF, 35 KB]

Ministry definitions

“Publication”: documents which the Ministry intends to release publicly via this website.

“Consultation”: communication with the general public by way of asking for submissions.

“Engagement”: communication with key stakeholders on proposed actions.

More information

For most publications, more information can be found by clicking on the name of the publication in the timeline.

For the engagement and consultation processes, links are provided in the timeline where they are available. Other information about some projects can be found below.

Small Passenger Services Review

The Ministry of Transport is leading a review of the regulatory framework for small passenger services, such as taxis and private hire car services.

For more information contact

Regulatory Framework 2025

The Ministry is taking a high-level look at how New Zealand’s transport regulatory framework might adapt to face changes in technology, incorporates changes to international transport regulations, and reduce regulatory burdens between now and 2025. This project will look beyond the current environment and regulatory constraints to take a “green fields” approach.

For more information contact:
Megan Beecroft
Policy Manager Projects

Industry Engagement on Regulatory Programme

The Ministry is planning to engage with stakeholders on the future transport regulatory programme, investigating where future improvements may be made. The information gathered will help the regulatory programme identify whether current regulations are fit for purpose, and assist in prioritising future work.

For more information contact:
Megan Beecroft
Policy Manager Projects

Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Reform

The Ministry of Transport and the NZ Transport Agency are initiating a reform of the regulatory framework that applies to the dimensions and mass of vehicles operating on New Zealand roads. The aim of the reform is to establish a framework for regulating the dimensions and mass of vehicles that enables improvements in commercial road transport productivity while ensuring road safety outcomes are maintained or improved.

For more information contact:
Peter Carr
Manager – Funding & Infrastructure

Driver Licensing Review

A targeted review of the driver licensing system is underway. The driver licensing system itself is sound but there are opportunities to modernise it, make it more customer-focused and to reduce compliance costs.

View more information on the Driver Licensing Review, or email